Bill Schwarz
Matawan, NJ


Big Bill Schwarz, President NJIPMS


Jet dragster. 1/25th scale, STARTED LIFE AS A REVELL TOP FUEL KIT. THE REAR IS SCRATCHBUILT AND KIT BASHED to accept the Pratt and Whitney TF-30 engine from an F-14 Tomcat. It is wired and plumbed. the fuel tanks are from an A-4 Skyhawk and the chute containers are made from 500 lb. fuse extended bombs. the interior has gauges and crt displays for the jet engine. the front wheels have disc brakes. The rear brakes and wheels are modified from a Nascar kit. the paint is Tamiya spray white and blue with future clear coats. The decals are of course Slixx from the Troxel POW MIA Top Fuel car.